community engagement

This section the focuses on processes in which organisations of youth, parents, teachers, peace clubs, and decision makers engage and interact towards promotion of peace and values education as a foundation of making champions of humanity. It features how the community engagement becomes a powerful tool for addressing issues that are directly affecting the well-being of those communities. This engagement demonstrates the potential to bring about environmental and physical changes to improve the outcome of living, mobilise resources and influence policies, programs and practice.


A Peace Club is a community of people who are brought together and guided by a common vision of promoting peace within their vicinities (it could be a school, a church, community or at work, etc). Peace Clubs members meet to discuss various peacebuilding issues and community strengthening topics, as well as ways to develop and implement community changing projects.


Community Projects are activities with a definite beginning and end, carried out to address specific challenges within the community. People at schools, churches or workplaces may come together to outline a project with a specific purpose in order to address an issue in the community (e.g., environmental, social, economic, etc.). These projects may or may not be directly associated with an existing Peace Club. Community projects cover a range of efforts and activities from an online debate series to physical gatherings organized to tackle community life challenges.

Please tell us your story, share your experience in peace building, and make peace and values education a shared understanding of humanity.
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